While the traditional new home market is in retreat, high-end building and remodeling continues to climb toward the highest spending ever. Whether it's industrial-grade appliances or eco-friendly construction materials, these products mark the many ways homeowners express their high-style taste.

  • Adaptable Indoor/Outdoor Space
  • Doors as Walls
  • Open Floor Plans
  • Patios
  • Pool Areas
  • Walls as Awnings
Your Home and Your Style

For the ultimate in curb appeal, Wilson Industrial Doors are the first choice for many architects working on specialty high-end residential projects. That's because Wilson Industrial Doors can be covered with just about any material of any weight - in virtually any size. In fact, every door is custom built to support the attachment of your door covering - from wood, plastic and glass sheathing to stainless steel and concrete cladding. This unique "skinless" approach offers unlimited creative flexibility to architects and builders. That means homeowners can express their style in almost any form - inside or out.

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