Aluminum Bi-fold Hangar Doors

Premier™ bi-fold hangar doors are made of 6061-T6 aluminum that is lighter, yet stronger than steel framed alternatives. They are custom built to match your exact specifications, are easy to install, and have one of the lowest life cycle costs in the industry. Regardless of the environment, the raw mill finish provides a clean, crisp look and higher aesthetic value than steel products. There is no rusting or chipping paint, and you can clad your door with any covering to achieve the look you desire. You get the size and strength you need, with the style you want.

An Industry Standard

Premier™ is the industry standard of the hangar door world and is an investment in quality, performance and longevity. As a testament to this longevity, simply look to the countless number of Wilson doors continuously operating - uninterrupted - for over 30 years. No other manufacturer can claim the thousands of satisfied users - and a continuous manufacturing operation since the 1950's. 

Fully Customized

Every Wilson door is custom-built to your specifications, eliminating the need for costly building modifications or product "adaptations" in the field.

Saves Valuable Building Space

The Premier™ bi-fold door elevates within the threshold and requires little to no headroom or wall clearance, leaving more usable space both inside and out.

Its frame is mounted and operates on the outside of the building. That means no track on the floor, no panel storage on the sides, no need for support mechanisms or tracking from the ceiling, and no intrusion into the interior of the building.

Premier™ Aluminum Benefits

Aluminum Construction for Strength

Crafted of aircraft-grade aluminum, it is lighter and stronger than steel framed doors. The high-strength aluminum frame can be clad with just about any building material of any weight. 

Our door’s 6061-T6 aluminum frame (raw material produced in the United States) is jig-welded to hold sections to specified tolerances by certified aluminum welders. 

Because of its strength and lightness, Wilson is able to build doors up to 140 ft wide. This design flexibility allows corporate hangar users and developers to specify our door on larger openings—without having to address side panel storage or bottom rails embedded in concrete. 

On larger openings, the bi-fold door is designed with internal trusses to provide proper rigidity—not unsightly exterior trusses. 

Long Lasting and Low Maintenance

With one of the lowest lifecycle costs in the industry, our door is engineered to operate day in and day out for years of uninterrupted service. An easy-access motor location, exposed zinc hinges and simple grease fittings make it easy to maintain. The raw mill finish of the 6061-T6 aluminum provides a clean, crisp look and higher aesthetic value than steel product - and no rusting or chipping paint. 

Our products are designed and manufactured in strict compliance with International Building Codes (IBC 2009), and takes into consideration wind load and the weight of the covering using structural design protocols. 

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Why 6061-T6 Aluminum?

Wilson specializes in aircraft-grade aluminum - an aluminum alloy perfectly balanced with copper, zinc, manganese and silicon. The resulting qualities are ideal for many large exterior door applications. Beyond its strength, the renowned T6 alloy is extremely lightweight and is remarkable for its ability to resist corrosion (due to the phenomenon of passivation through oxidation). This unique Boron Group alloy is vital to construction, aerospace, and automotive industries. It has an ultimate tensile strength of at least 42,000 psi (290 MPa) and a yield strength of at least 35,000 psi (241 MPa). It is essentially 40% lighter, provides strong welds and is the most sustainable material in the world. Need we say more?

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