Wilson Industrial Doors is part of 
the aircraft industry history

Founded in 1956, Wilson Industrial Doors was one of the first companies in the United States to focus on doors for airplane hangars. As the only manufacturer specializing in aluminum construction, Wilson quickly cornered the market and set the standard for bi-fold doors. Over the next fifty years, innovations in technology coupled with a prosperous economy brought about new applications, new challenges and the development of new doors. Today, with thousands of successful installations worldwide, Wilson builds large specialty doors for just about any commercial, residential or industrial challenge.

Small airplane


Wilson introduces aluminum vertical-lifting bi-fold door for hangars and agriculture buildings. These early structures housed smaller general aviation aircraft, crop-dusters and farm equipment.

Space capsule


NASA forms and Wilson builds 1,000th door. After the launch of Sputnik by the Soviet Union, the "space race" also fueled demand for larger aircraft to travel longer distances without refueling. As a result, commercial travel increased exponentially in the United States.

Footstep on the moon


Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon and Wilson expanded reach with first door sold internationally. As global demand increased, Wilson Doors started shipping over the world—from Iceland to Australia.

Jimmy Carter


America celebrates Bicentennial, Jimmy Carter was elected President and Wilson Industrial Doors achieves national presence. Wilson Industrial Doors now installed in every state of the union.

Apple computer


The original Apple Macintosh computer was introduced and Wilson Doors establishes new corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

Military truck


Wilson Industrial Doors were utilized for Operation Desert Storm. Large Wilson aluminum bi-fold doors shelter and protect essential military aircraft and equipment from the harsh, sandy environment.

Palm trees in hurricane


Wilson Industrial Doors withstand Hurricane Andrew winds of up to 175 miles per hour, saving the Southern Florida hangar, airplanes and vehicles.

Roll-Tec door


Wilson introduces Roll-Tec™ bottom rolling door, bringing Wilson expertise, unmatched industry support and reputation to new opportunities; providing a new innovative solution to General Aviation and Commercial Aviation customers.

Premier logo


With the introduction of the Premier™ Door graphic identity, Wilson launches first branded marketing campaign.

Ascent AC-Drive


Wilson introduces Ascent™ AC-Drive with three-button control box to enhance the operation of Wilson Premier™ aluminum doors.



The International Astronomical Union reclassifies Pluto as a dwarf planet. Also in 2006, Wilson introduces Storm Strut™ for added defense against high winds and storms, and the Clear-Tec™, single-panel hydraulic door. The Clear-Tec™ was the only hydraulic door on the market constructed of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum.

Wilson Industrial Doors


The parent company of Norco Manufacturing announces that it has acquired the assets of Wilson Industrial Doors of Elkhorn, Wis. The two companies both serve the large-scale industrial and hangar door markets and will operate in tandem, maintaining their own sales, engineering and manufacturing operations.