An industy leader in
large specialty doors

Wisconsin-based Wilson Doors is the leading U.S. manufacturer of premium aluminum bi-fold doors, steel bottom rolling doors, economical steel bi-fold doors, and single-panel hydraulic doors. Applications range from aircraft hangars, industrial buildings and convention centers to museums, showrooms and even eco-friendly homes. Beyond North America, our extraordinary specialty doors are shipped all over the globe - from Iceland to Australia.


The Advent of Commercial Aviation

Beginning with its inception in 1956, Wilson set the standard for America's hangar doors. With thousands of new installations every year, the original Wilson bi-fold design continues to dominate the market from coast to coast. Beyond aviation, Wilson Doors have taken off in other industries with large door requirements. Whether they're covered in etched glass or brushed aluminum, architects have discovered the form and functionality of Wilson Doors. Today, after more than fifty years and thousands of successful installations worldwide, Wilson builds large specialty doors for just about any exterior or interior opening challenge. 

Building framework

Built to Spec and Built to Last

With Wilson, no door is off the shelf. Every door is custom built for a specific opening and manufactured to withstand the necessary wind load - even hurricane force gales. We also manufacture the door to accept any type of door covering - from wood, plastic and glass sheathing to metal and concrete cladding. This unique “skinless” approach is a design opportunity for architects and builders. And because Wilson large specialty doors are engineered to operate day in and day out for years, they require minimal maintenance and offer the lowest lifecycle cost in the industry.

Overseas door installation

Large Doors with a Worldwide Reach

From Egypt to Dubai and Chile to China - Wilson doors are installed around the globe. With expertise beyond North America, the Wilson network provides application assistance and comprehensive export logistics for international sales, installation, service and support. 

Door assembly

Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Support

Not only does Wilson build every door to your specifications, we'll coordinate with you, your architect, contractor or the building manufacturer as appropriate. We offer installation assistance or complete turnkey solutions. When we deliver, our technicians can transport, supervise and assist with assembly and installation. And should you ever experience a problem with your Wilson door, you'll receive prompt support from our nationwide customer service crew.